Dannii Minogue announces the closure of Project D

Danni Minogue is shutting down Project D, her fashion label, she confirmed this week. Minogue is best known as a former judge on X Factor and announced that her business partnership with designer Tabitha Somerset is now over. The brand does have a spring 2013 collection that will be hitting store shelves soon, but it will be the last to do so.

A spokesperson for Minogue announced that the duo will not be creating any more collections past the upcoming spring collection. Despite this fact, the spokesperson added that Minogue is still planning to be very involved in the style and fashion industry and is already look at several options that will help her move forward from the platform she created with the Project D brand. She added that at the moment the brand is done, but with some redesign and a new partnership it still could come back in the future.

The project D brand was first launched in 2010 and has seen several successful seasons on shelves. For the moment Minogue is not going to be too bored given the fact that she will be returning to the small screen to act as a judge for both Britain’s and Ireland’s next top model and the Australian version of The X Factor.

The tiny starlet is known for her extremely classic and sultry sense of style that she routinely shows off at her product launches and as a judge on network television. Her petite frame makes her the perfect model for many of her draped gowns and dresses. She is also known for complimenting many of her fashion pieces with drastic hair styles and is thought to be a hair icon by some.