Cut out swimsuits; celebs love them we loathe them

This summer celebrities are all about cut-out swimsuits. In fact, it seems that in every celebrity holiday hotspot there is at least a few wearing the incredibly odd looking swimsuits. Outside of the fact that they all must have some incredible tan lines when they change, the truth is that cut-out swimming suits are one of the worst summer holiday trends to hit yet. Despite the fact that Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and Paris Hilton love them UK women and men across the nation voted that cut-out swimsuits are the ugliest summer trend of the year.

In fact, cut-out swimsuits even beat out the dreaded ‘socks and sandals’ for the top position of most hated. 61% of fashion fans that took part in a poll stated that the one piece cut-outs do not belong anywhere near a summer holiday spot and stated that they are the worst fashion faux pas yet.

As part of the survey, respondents were asked to write a list of holiday clothing that makes them wince when they see it. Socks and sandals came in a very close second for the worst holiday mistake that people see during eh summer. Also on the list were Speedos, patriotic clothing, and Hawaiian shirts. It was also interesting that most holidaymakers that took the survey openly admitted that they did not really try that much when it comes to picking out their holiday fashion items.

Over half said that they do not even bother trying. When they were asked why they do not try to keep up with holiday trends about 45% stated that it is due to the fact they know they will not run into people they know while another 19% said their major concern was being relaxed and comfortable and not stylish.