Could 2013 be the year of the bow tie?

British bow ties are back and they are now even more fashionable then they ever were, if you can trust the boss of Mrs. Bow Tie UK, the independent designer Andy Evans who believes that this coming year is the year of the bow tie.

Evans went on to explain that despite what people may think when they think about bow ties, the simple fashion statement is more than just a tie, but instead one of the hottest fashion accessories out there on the market. He went on to explain that bow ties are for everyone now, and not just the mad scientists, geeks, and the elderly.

In fact, he explained that all of the hottest men in the celebrity world are now sporting bow ties including Matt Smith from Doctor Who, Kanye West, David Beckham, Will.I.Am and plenty more. Therefore, it is only reasonable to believe that in order to be in style you have to own at least one bow tie.

A UK based company, Mrs. Bow Tie also keeps their textile manufacturing within the country as all of their 350 styles of bow ties and more are all made within their UK studio. Therefore, they are a great source of employment for many different seamstresses in the South.

The company was launched last October by Andy Evans at the young age of 22 and already he has made quite a name for himself throughout the UK, getting 17,000 visitors to his website in just the first month. He also already has a global audience having shipped out bow tie orders to customers in 14 different countries. Each bow tie costs between £16 and £20 which is pretty good when you consider that all of the manufacturing is completed in the UK.