Chinese brands creeping into the UK market

When you buy clothing in this country the chances are that it is made somewhere else, often in China. It is almost always the case however that the brand itself is going to be a more well-known one in the West, however, Chinese companies seem to want to get in on the brand action, and are no longer satisfied with simply creating the clothes for other people, and want to create their own brand identity in the UK.

The fashion giant in China, Bosideng recently opened its first store in the United Kingdom and it is located on the West End. The idea behind the timing of the opening of the store is that it is going to be doing business during the Olympics and will take advantage of many people who are coming to the city during this period.

Last year the company recorded sales internationally of around £800 million, through 8000 stores that it owns across the world. You could compare the prevalence of the stores in China to Marks & Spencer in this country, so it is needless to say that it is a very popular location. The store that it has opened in London has cost them £35 million and it spans six stories. The upper floors of the shop are going to be used as offices to headquarter the company.