Cannes home of huge fashion event … and a few movies

Wednesday saw the opening of the Cannes Film Festival with Nicole Kidman and Audrey Tautou of “Amelie” fame kick starting the 12 days gala event of fashion and movies. Audrey touted a frosted mint organza and chiffon silk gown. The dress was created by French designer Yiging Yin. It had taken 400 hours for the designer to create the dress she sported. That a star of Audrey’s stature had accepted to wear the new designers’ work rather than go for some creation by a big fashion house is something more pleasing to the designer Yiging Yin.

The world over trains their eyes on this Riveria movie meet not only to see the who’s who of tinsel town, but also to note and ape at what they wear. Fashion designers therefore take a lot of effort to showcase their creations to the world at large. Once the films that have been selected for the Cannes show is announced which happens in mid-April, fashion houses start targeting the big names that would add glitter to the event with their presence, which in turn will provide publicity to the fashion houses’ creations.

Kidman for example who is a jury member for the festival this year had appeared on Wednesday in a Dior gown that was strapless and included embroidery work on it. Pictures of this sight have made flash news all over the world in a short time thereafter. Among the others who have created a flutter at the Cannes include Carey Mulligan from “The Great Gatsby”.

There is however some fashion houses like the Elie Saab from Lebanon who waits for the star to make the first move rather than approaching them. They are the couturier who had dressed up France’s Virginie Ledoyen and China’s Fan Bingbing last year at the ceremony.

There are other young fashion designers who have given their creativity at the event by dressing up celebrities like Mia Hansen done by Cedric Charlier who also provided the dress for Marine Vacth and Nathalia Acevedo.

Designers however are aware that the celebrities can and do change their mind at any moment. It could also lead to them changing their dress from one designer to another at the last moment. Fashion designers therefore do not mention the celebrity who would be donning their creation till after the event has occurred.

Legendre, a fashion designer mentioned how Sarah Jessica had come for an event with quite some dresses and only at the last moment had selected to wear the dress created by Legendre. Designers keep the dresses ready at the venue of the event to cater for such turn of mind from the celebrities.