Burberry annoy other fashion houses over model ban

Other fashion houses are not too happy with Burberry after they decided to ban their models from appearing in any other shows at Fashion Week. London designer, Patrick Grant, stated that this past Wednesday his catwalk show almost took a horrible turn when Burberry suddenly decided that their models could not appear in any other show that was presented on the same day. He said that the last minute decision forced him to have to find four new models at the last minute which during Fashion Week is not that easy of a task.

The Savile Row creative director stated that the new rule by Burberry was absurd because it is very common practice for models to appear in more than one show on any given day. In fact, it’s an everyday occurrence. He added that it just figures that when you think everything is ready some company like Burberry would pull something out of left field.

London’s men’s fashion week is still a fairly new occurrence as it just started two years ago, however, Burberry has played a large role in the fashion scene since it was created. Chief executive officer for Burberry, Christopher Bailey, stated that London is the heart of the Burberry brand and the location of their headquarters so they feel that it is only right that they choose London fashion week to show off their new men’s collection.

Bailey added that the contemporary talent that is housed in London and the long legacy of men’s heritage that London sports makes the city a very energetic place to host a men’s fashion week. He went on to say that they are very happy to be able to finally bring their menswear collections back to the capital city where they should be.