Brits flee abroad to escape the wintry weather

As the MET office is predicting that Britain is facing the coldest winter we have had for 2 decades, you cannot blame people for wanting to escape the cold and flee to the sun. The majority of us have to tough it out and keep an eye on how much energy we are using, but those who have the means to do so are flying off in droves.

Selfridges online have reported a boom in the sales of beachwear compared to last year, with bikinis, sundresses and kaftans proving particularly popular. Luxury luggage has seen an increase in sales of 91% compared to the same period in 2011, and it seems that those who are escaping abroad want to do so in style. Steamline, the vintage brand is selling particularly well with their Entrepreneur range selling double what it did last year.

Selfridges have said that they are attributing this sales boom to the jump in overseas bookings during ‘twixtmas’, the period between Christmas and the New Year which is the most popular time to go for those taking a winter break to escape the big freeze. It has been reported, however, that more people than ever are fleeing to sun over the actual Christmas holiday too, so no doubt they have played their part in the sales figures too.

Helen Attwood in the Travel and Lingerie Buying Manager at Selfridges, and she has said that they had already seen a healthy increase in sales but when the news broke about the cold spell it seemed that everyone had booked themselves a late deal and started packing.