Boden slammed for Helena Christiensen modelling latest collection

Fashion brands who hire a supermodel to pose with their clothes usually achieve a big success, but this is not the case with Boden, a British company which hired Helena Christensen to advertise their newest collection. The world famous supermodel is best known for her lingerie shoots and surprisingly, many people from England have complained because of the company’s advertising campaign.

The model’s photographs are spread across the entire website of Boden and they are included in their autumn/winter catalogue. It is needless to say that the photos’ theme isn’t the same as in past campaigns. According to rumours, Helena Christensen has received a five-figure sum for her shoot with Boden’s new clothes.

The controversial campaign wasn’t appreciated by the fans and they quickly showed their disappointment through emails and social media posts. Most of the angry posts were aimed towards the model, but few people were accusing Jonnie Boden, the company’s founder. A irritated client asked: “Mr. Boden, you are getting ahead of yourself and you are forgetting what the middle class desires.”