Black takes a step back to let colours shine in latest collections

For decades black has been considered the trendiest colour out there, and the one colour that will always sell an outfit regardless of what the fashion scene looks like. However, this summer black took a back seat to the bright vibrant colours of fashion with one retailer going as far as to say she could sell any luxury item so long as it was not in black.

In New York it used to be that you had to have plenty of black in your closet, at least if you wanted to be considered a native. However, now fashion savvy people are decked out in every colour and pattern out there. Even French fashion editors are mixing some colour into their black outfits. In a way, it is almost as if the sunny colours are an attempt to get away from the gloom of the economic depression.

Gucci has spent the last two decades working hard on creating the fashion of tomorrow with art that is consistent in most catwalk shows and advertising campaigns. The typical Gucci woman has subjugated hair, a bit of dominatrix in her style, and smoky eyes. She hardly changes and colour is not something that she wears, unless it is a blinding white outfit.

However, it turn out in this new fashion world even a Gucci woman can try on a bit of colour as there has been a bit of colour incorporated into the ad campaign this year with the welcome of Charlotte Casiraghi from Monaco the horse-rider with a bit more of a wholesome image than the Gucci brand usually conveys.

Of course, Gucci does not say it’s getting any sunnier, instead it simply explains that this season will have an ‘aristocratic’ muse.