Bicester menswear store creates quite a buzz

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Bicester, the discount retail outlet store, due to the fact that they are now opening a new branch of their store designed just for men. The new store features plenty of top designers for men including James Long, Oliver Spencer, Jonathon Saunders and more. What makes it even better, is that it offers these designers at discounted prices making it the place to be.

Menswear champion of Britain, Charlie Porter, lauded the store for displaying the new collections before they hit the catwalks, commenting that retail is just as important to the fashion industry as the fashion shows are because if there was not a place to purchase the clothes that people see on the runways then there would be little point to the whole industry.

Director at Value Retail Management, Sylvie Freund Pickavance, stated that they are happy to support some of the newer and younger brands and designers and if the new man’s shop proves to be a large hit then they will consider expanding the scope. Bicester is already a natural fit for young labels because they will take in the unsold goods from the larger stores and revive the brands before they end up labelled as dead stock.

Even better is the fact that the pop-out shop has a great lay out with each rail sporting a different and clearly labelled designer so that people can find exactly what they want without too much shuffling around.

A brief trip into the store also reveals that they carry a pretty wide selection of sizes making it easy for most people to find at least one item that they like the fit and feel of. The only catch is that the trial store will only be open until June 27th so hurry in and take advantage of the sales.