Best dressed men in Hollywood

If you wish to look smart and sophisticated then there is no better place to look for inspiration than Hollywood. Hollywood has always set the trend in male fashion, from Humphrey Bogart with his stylish double-breasted white dinner suit, to the ever stylish Sean Connery with his single-breasted two and three-piece suits; Hollywood has always inspired men to dress better.

For the latest fashions and trends Hollywood is still the place to look too. But who are the best dressed men in Hollywood today and what are they wearing? Fashion today may be far more relaxed than it was during the golden age of cinema but most actors still wear a suit when they wish to look exceptional.

Antony Perkins was one of the first stylish actors to tentatively break the mould, wearing pullovers and scarves with his suits with knitted ties, while still also sporting a pair of sunglasses in winter. Today the closest we have to Antony Perkins is David Beckham, who looks equally smart in a tailor made two-button single breasted suit as a he does in one of his trademark woollen cardigans or knitted pullovers. Not everybody wants to wear a cardigan though and it takes a special kind of man to look stylish in one. So, who should men look to for style today?

For the younger man the Bruno Mars look can work extremely well. He wears a slim three-piece grey suit, a waistcoat with five buttons and a plain white shirt with a black tie. A timeless look but extremely sophisticated; it can make a younger man instantly look elegant and refined.

Sean Connery was certainly a trendsetter and also years ahead of his time, as the single-breasted suit is still one of the favourite looks in Hollywood today. Liam Hemsworth, Andrew Garfield, Daniel Radcliffe and Darren Criss all sport this style with great results.

Some Hollywood celebs apply a more casual look to the single-breasted suit. Max Winkler sometimes wears a light brown suit with a somewhat garish blue and red tie that is loosely tied to an open collar. Max can also make a checked shirt and denim jacket look stylish. He tends to avoid wearing black leather jackets though, probably not wishing to be accused of dressing as The Fonz.

Henry Hopper, Dennis Hopper’s son, also wears a great single-breasted suit, but prefers the no-tie look. Like Henry, Max Irons is not afraid to leave the tie at home, wearing black single-breasted suits with a plain white open collar shirt. Robert Pattinson goes for a more colourful suit, sometimes being seen in his burgundy Gucci suit, polished shoes and an understated shirt and tie.

When Ed Westwick goes casual he wears Henley shirts, thin cardigans and leather moto jackets. When in a suit he prefers a subdued grey single-breasted suit with open collar and trench coat.

The modern day equivalent of the young Marlon Brando is Zac Efron. Often seen wearing a Sherpa-lined leather jacket with a plain white Henley shirt and jeans. Glee’s Chris Colfer also prefers to be seen in a leather moto jacket and jeans with a checked shirt.

The key for all these guys is wearing a great fitting suit but also adding a personal touch. This makes you automatically look more at ease and therefore naturally more stylish.

It is really easy for the average man to copy their style. For parties and events a designer suit can be hired from companies such as SuitsMen who specialise in the modern, stylish look that the Hollywood celebs do so well. A clean cut, single-breasted dark suit with a plain shirt is still the most stylish way to dress.

The best advice is really to visit a tailor and get some advice from the experts. Try out some different looks and find a suit that you are completely comfortable in. Style comes partly with a good suit, and partly from the man wearing it.