Being single certainly seems to suit Katie Holmes

Since she filed for divorce from the actor, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes has been looking great. It has also been reported that the fashion label that has been started by the celebrity, Holmes & Yang, has been doing very well and sales have increased massively.

Katie Holmes, who is 33 years old, has said that her divorce is a dark cloud, but there are silver linings to it, such as the increased business in a company. Interestingly, staff who work in the stores selling the clothing have said that since her divorce the number of people coming in and asking for the label has greatly increased. This is perhaps not necessarily a trend that would be expected, but it is certainly going to be one that is welcomed by Ms Holmes.

Since divorcing her husband she has been seen wearing several of the designs that she has made herself. She has often been combining them with items from other designers to great effect. The label has been created through collaboration with the stylist Jeanne Yang and they have just confirmed that they are going to be creating a show which is going to appear at Fashion Week, in New York this September.