Aussie fashion mag finds unique way of showing off a winter coat

There is more than one way to display a winter coat, but an Australian fashion magazine seems to feel that the best way to attract attention is to use the model as a blank canvas for the coat: literally. Supermodel Catherine McNeil posed in a series of shots for the fashion magazine completely in the nude not counting the cashmere and wool coats that were draped over top of her. She barely has any modesty in both shots as she models a Stella McCartney tuxedo jacket and a cream Celine coat, but according to her it’s easier to be comfortable when down to the bare basics.

The shot was for the Australian fashion magazine, Russh, and it certainly will likely draw attention, however, while fashion lovers will be looking at the coats everyone else will probably be noticing the lack of clothing under the coat. She also did a shot in just a black bra allowing readers to see the many different tattoos that she sports all over her body.

On the front cover of the magazine Catherine takes it a bit more modestly wearing a white wool dress although the strap is down and readers can still see her many ear piercings and cobweb tattoo as her short brown hair is carefully tucked back behind her left ear. The most stunning part of the entire shoot is the fact that minimal makeup was actually used on her face allowing readers to see the beauty that she naturally comes by.

Inside of the magazine the catwalk queen admits that she once thought she would be a forensic pathologist or a vet before she turned into a model. She also stated that she loves carbs and turning thirty is not something that threatens her at all.