Anna Wintour will not become a UK ambassador

Anna Wintour, Editor in chief of Vogue, is out in the running of becoming the UK Ambassador. Report about the conflict with Wintour’s present job is said to be the primary reason why she turned down the job.

Wintour has ruled over the US fashion Bible since 1988, Meryl Streep portrayed her character in the film The Devil Wears Prada, which earned her the alias of Nuclear Wintour.

The editor in chief has been a constant visitor in the White House, and was visible during the campaign period of Barack Obama. Wintour is also known to be a devoted supporter of the Democrats, helping them gather a total of more than half a million dollar for the re-election period. Furthermore Miss Wintour formed a close relationship with the family after placing Michelle Obama on the cover of the magazine last February 2009.

Before the revelation, Anna Wintour made it clear that she wanted the post of London ambassadorship during the festive dinner last November. The position comes with a to-die-for residence settled on 12 acres of prime land in Regent’s Park.

A Vogue spokesperson clarified that she is perfectly happy with the job as an editor in chief of Vogue. The spokesperson however failed to mention that Anna Wintour inked a deal with Conde Nast, Vogue publisher, which states that on the event that Wintour abandon his post prematurely she would then be penalised a certain amount of money.

Oscar de la Renta, a close friend of Wintour told in an interview that an editor in chief of a successful magazine has no need for the job of an ambassador. De la Renta added that being an ambassador was only great during the 18rh century

Matthew Barzun, the one arranging this weekend’s commemoration in Washington DC, is said to have been offerred with the London post. Matthew Barzun is the one who supervise the finance of Barrack Obama’s Presidential campaign.