Alexa Chung criticises new Chanel Hulahoop bag

Alexa Chung has recently commented that she thinks the new hulahoop bag that has been released by Chanel looks like a buoyancy aid. Chung is a style icon in Britain, and she recently commented about the bag during a discussion on Anderson Live. She also described it as an amazing creation, but she was heard mocking the bag.

On the show she commented, “I have seen the bag and I do think it is amazing, it is a very practical item and is created by one of my favourite designers Karl Lagerfeld. It does however look a bit like a buoyancy aid, and it does seem as if you would be able to float on it.”

She was given the bag as part of a promotion for Chanel, and while she was very grateful to receive it, she did point out that it had some significant design flaws. She said that while she very much liked it, she said it would be difficult to remove even simple items from it, such as her phone. Since the bag’s announcement at Paris fashion week, it has become something of a hot topic in the fashion world with many people keen to get their hands on it.