A look back at New York Fashion Week

The New York Fashion Week just ended to make room for London Fashion Week, but in its wake there are still a few cues that fashion savvy people can walk away with. After all, most of the styles on the catwalk are a bit too outrageous for every day wear, but there are some trends that you can easily incorporate into your looks.

First up, menswear fabrics are going to be huge for women’s fashion this autumn. Tommy Hilfiger used layers of houndstooth to help spice up the brand and also went fairly crazy with pinstripes and checks.

For those who thought that the layers of the eighties were finally gone, it appears that layering is back again as you need some tails or shirt collars popping out of your outfit somewhere in order to call it the real thing. Pay close attention to your cuffs this season.

It might be an off piece of fashion, but it seems that this autumn the beanie is going to be trendy this week as it was featured on a variety of different catwalks including Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria Beckham.

Also surprising is the fact that now the seventies are back alongside the eighties as the glam look of life as a party is seriously back in style. From rock n roll glamour to grunge everything is coming full circle it would appear.

Some small fashion hints to follow include the fact that the round shoulder is out and matching is back in style. In fact, it doesn’t matter if the print is leopard or pink alligator skin; the trick is simply to make sure that everything in the outfit matches this autumn. Finally, if you want to drop a name, the name on the fashion buzz street right now is Thom Browne.