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Kate Middleton shines as a new mum

Kate Middleton most not have too many sleepless nights, or if she does it certainly does not show on her face because unlike most first time mums, she seems to have a constantly glowing face that is matched by tousled hair. If this is her rolled out of bed look, then she has a distinct advantage over every other mother in the world. Throw in the

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Animal prints are right back in vogue

Animal prints were first brought back to life by Natalie Massnet, the chairman of the British Fashion Council and the founder of Net-a-Porter. She was spotted wearing a Marc Jacobs leopard print skirt at New York Fashion Week and before too long Kate Moss popped out at Topshow in London wearing a pair of black leopard print jeans by Hysteric Glamour. Just a few weeks later

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Top designer tote bags

Nearly every designer has a wide range of handbags which allows their fans to have a good selection for all their needs and requirements. In this article, we shall provide short descriptions of some of the best designer tote handbags.

Tote Handbags

These large bags are available in many different shapes and designs. The outer materials mostly used to make such bags are leather and canvas. However, designers

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Arabella Bianco, the vintage jewellery and fashion accessory site has a makeover

Arabella Bianco, the vintage jewellery and fashion accessory site has a makeover

All those who are fond of old and classic accessories and jewellery items will gain a lot from the recently refurbished website of Arabella Bianco. Explore the fascinating metallic French brooches to freshen up your outfit during autumn or add some glamour and style with Hollywood inspired designer jewellery from the 1950’s.


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The role of 3D printing in the fashion industry

It was in the 1930’s that the International Woolmark Prize was instituted by an NGO, Non Governmental Organisation, in collaboration with wool manufacturers. This was done in a bid to not just bring to light the innovations made in woolen fabrics so as to encourage designers but also to give a boost to the demand for the fabric around the world.

Designers of the likes of Yves

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Latest Temperley London collection unveiled at the Hepworth

The latest collection of Temperley London will be revealed at a fashion show that will be held at The Hepworth Wakefield. The Prince’s Trust, the event organiser, will combine the iconic gallery and modern British fashion at a fund raising event.

You can get to see the new Temperley London line at the 4thy annual Prince’s Trust Fashion Dinner. Alice Temperley MBE, the creative director, is said

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A look at the Strathberry luxury brand

You can make the best accessories based on the fabrics at your doorstep and this was exemplified by the Strathberry luxury brand. Chinese factories pump out thousands of metres of cheap tweed every day and with heart sinking at every roll, Clare Robertson had to decide what to do with it all.

Due to this, she and her business partner, Guy Hundleby, started the luxury brand, which

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New fashion site set to be a huge success

Rejoice, oh all ye online shoppers, because Avenue 32 is yet another (but delightfully different) mecca for browsers of the fashion kind. The site was launched in 2011 and took a few months to get going, but by now it’s a serious rival for Net-A-Porter, and according to its website, already voted by Vogue UK as the second-best online fashion retailer.

The persona behind Avenue 32 is

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London Fashion Week comes to Oxford Street

Beginning on 1 September, Oxford Street will be the scene of what’s being previewed as the biggest London Fashion Week event ever. The British Fashion Council is partnering with retailers on Oxford Street to put on a fashion-and-shopping extravaganza lasting for seventeen days, expected to draw millions of visitors (plus a pretty large segment of Londoners) to the event.

London Fashion Week actually happens from 13 through

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Ex Vogue editor proves there is life after fashion

Andre Leon Talley is known best as the former Vogue editor who held the position for quite a long time. His presence in the fashion world has always been a bit larger than life but since he has been making big plans after stepping away from Vogue he is making headlines again.

Thus far there have been reports that he is talking with NBC about hosting his

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