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Harrods names as official partners for Vogue festival

Harrods are officially partners to the third Vogue festival expected to be held on March 29th and 30th in 2014. Organisers have promised that the event would be greater than any other held in the past and is expected to take place at Queen Elizabeth Hall located at the Southbank Centre.

Alex Shulman who is an Editor at Vogue expressed his excitement that Harrods will be sponsoring

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Ex Vogue editor proves there is life after fashion

Andre Leon Talley is known best as the former Vogue editor who held the position for quite a long time. His presence in the fashion world has always been a bit larger than life but since he has been making big plans after stepping away from Vogue he is making headlines again.

Thus far there have been reports that he is talking with NBC about hosting his

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New fashion app tracks down your favourite celebrity fashions

Many people can still remember that time when every other teenage girl you saw on the street was wearing a brightly coloured headband. This had a lot to do with the fact that Blair Waldorf, the main character in the hit TV series Gossip Girl would always complete her outfit with one. It became such a big trend that it’s surprising that “Blair’s headband” did not

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LFW lifts the mood left over from New York Fashion Week

The first day of London Fashion Week can be described as, if nothing else, a nice change of pace from the subdued direness that everyone felt over at New York Fashion Week. Kicking off London Fashion Week were designers Bora Aksu, Zoe Jordan, and Felder and Felder. Innovation and fun were certainly to be had on the first day and if this is any indication the

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Scandinavia hits the big time in London Fashion Week

On day one of London Fashion Week, Somerset House is expected to host one of the largest fashion exhibitions ever seen in Scandinavian history. More than 41 Scandinavian fashion labels, consisting of those who are both new and established in the industry, are expected to showcase their work in what is anticipated to be an informative display of the Scandinavian fashion scene.

The show will feature a

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Josie Goldberg turning heads for the wrong reasons

If you plan to model the clothing that you produce as a lead fashion designer, you might want to take a few extra steps to make sure that your clothing line will actually fit you.

Ironically, the very spoiled Josie Goldberg found herself in an awkward situation when she found out that she could not really fit into her own clothing line this past Thursday. Josie attempted

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Tyra Banks storms back onto the modelling scene

Tyra Banks is back and she is making quite a splash on the fashion pages, showing up in skin tight corsets and some very figure shaping dresses. It has been six years since Tyra Banks has graced the Victoria’s Secret runway, but last week as she strutted down the catwalk she proved that true beauty is timeless.

The supermodel also used the opportunity to prove why she

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Stars reveal nearly all at the Lingerie London Show

Sarah Harding and Abbey Crouch, two of the most popular celebrities in the UK, are well-known for their revealing outfits which usually feature tight trousers and bodycon dresses. The two celebrities attended the Lingerie London show which was held on Wednesday night and needless to say, both of them had chosen stunning outfits that reveal the beauty of their bodies.

Both stars wore revealing outfits which emphasised

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The stars are out in force at the Vogue Fashion Fund

The Vogue Fashion Fund event is one of the most popular fashion events in the world. Held in Los Angeles, it is annually visited by hundreds of celebrities from across the globe. Two of the most popular names at this year’s edition were Rachel Zoe & Milla Jovovich. Who showed off some amazing outfits. The event which was held at Chateau Marmont on Thursday attracted many

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Thinking of Going Short? The Best Hair Styles for Shorter Hair

While long locks might have been the most popular thing for women to have the world over, recently the shorter cut is getting all of the attention in the salon and the magazines. While some think that having a short haircut means that there are very little styling options, this is actually not true at all.

Ladies who love their short hair still have a variety of

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